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Optimal investments through networking.

We are a group of seasoned and new real estate investors interested in meeting, learning, sharing, and networking with one another in order to achieve optimal results with our investing.

TXREIC is a Proud Member of the National REIC. By being a member of TXREIC, you also have access to National REIC’s discounts and benefits.

About TXREIC Membership



Exclusive online real estate investment education, and mentoring opportunities with local experienced investors and experts.



Attend local monthly meetings, education classes and webinars. Networking is the most important part of Real Estate Investing.


Member Benefits

Build relationships with and get benefits from vendors common to real estate (Home Depot, Sherwin-Williams, and many others).


Political Advocacy

Access to newsletters highlighting industry trends and current legislative updates in real estate activities.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Networking is Key

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