Finally an Answer to One of the Most Commonly Asked Questions Homeowners Ask a Real Estate Agent

“How much would it cost to repair ___?”

When touring a home with a client, how often do they mention interest in making renovations of any size, and then ask you for cost estimates and advice? In the midst of a “renovation boom,” home buyers are actively seeking to either make repairs on their home for resale, or to make adjustments on a recently purchased home and it’s important for real estate agents to be prepared. In fact, first time homebuyers especially, including millennials, seek out homes that will require repairs or some kind of remodel.

The bluehammer home improvement calculator allows you to provide estimated costs for home improvement and repair projects for your clients. It's easy to use and can be accessed on all your connected devices. You can use it in a variety of ways to benefit your clients and gain business.

Give clients an accurate cost of ownership, while they tour

With bluehammer, agents have the opportunity to use the home improvement calculator to provide cost estimates for any home remodels or repairs that a prospective buyer may want while they tour the home. bluehammer offers real estate agents the unique ability to provide clients an overall potential cost of ownership. By combining information from the home improvement calculator with their expertise, real estate agents can successfully assist clients in negotiating the absolute best price for their home.

Anticipate client questions on a new listing

Touring a home that’s new to you? As you walk through a new listing, look for potential upgrades or repairs that buyers will want completed. The bluehammer home improvement calculator will assist you in providing estimated costs for these repairs so you’ll be prepared when your client asks.

Impress sellers with a property repair estimate

Set yourself apart from the pack and wow potential sellers by offering a free bluehammer package that includes a property repair estimate. Walk through their house using the home improvement calculator and assist them by pointing out potential repairs and renovations that would increase the value of their home, all while providing an accurate estimated cost for those improvements.

Take advantage of the “renovation boom”

Now more than ever, buyers are looking for homes that need a little bit, or a lot, of TLC, and nothing stresses a homeowner out more than surprise renovation costs. With bluehammer’s home improvement calculator, clients can feel secure knowing that your estimates are gathered from real, local estimates right in their neighborhood.

Step ahead of the competition and start being known as the go-to agent for renovation purchases in your neighborhood. Become a bluehammer agent today. Click to learn more and get started. Realty Times readers can save $20, use this link to subscribe.

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