In Toronto, each neighbourhood has something different to offer. Culture, history, architecture and lifestyle differ from one area to the next. Some neighbourhoods are going up in value faster than others, due to new development and ongoing property improvements. With real estate, location is always key. Let’s look at three Toronto up and coming neighbourhoods.

The Junction

The first of the Toronto up and coming neighbourhoods is The Junction. Found where the four railway lines meet, The Junction’s main intersection is Dundas Street West and Keele Street.  Housing prices as well as rent are more affordable here than in the downtown core, but are quickly rising. The Junction was founded in 1884. It quickly grew from a village to a town, to then be amalgamated with the city of Toronto in 1909. It’s an area with a colourful past. Born as a manufacturing community, the population rose rapidly. With bouts of recessions and out of control liquor use, residents voted for a ban on alcohol sale in 1904. This ban was finally fully lifted in 2000, which began the revitalisation of the area. Today, The Junction offers many restaurants, pubs, shops, arts venues and nightlife spots. Many love it for its small town feel and historic buildings. A young, hip and vibrant community is emerging, making The Junction a fabulous neighbourhood to live. Check out The Junction BIA website here for more to see and do.   Parkdale is one of the Toronto Up and Coming Neighbourhoods  


Parkdale is currently experiencing a renewal. Home to an eclectic mix of vintage stores, pubs, lounges and live music, this area has the potential of becoming Toronto’s next hipster neighbourhood. Parkdale used to be one of Toronto’s wealthiest areas.  Some of the mansions built in the late 1800s can still be seen there today. Toronto’s rich would vacation in the area’s resorts and enjoy the Parkdale beach. The area experienced big changes when the Gardner Express and Lakeshore Boulevard were approved in 1956, cutting off Parkdale’s access to the waterfront and beach. The area is now one of Toronto’s most diverse, due in part to its affordable rent and its proximity to downtown. It is located south of the CN line and west of Dufferin. The area is seen as a working class neighbourhood with a mix of high and low earners, young professionals, artists and immigrants. Many area properties, including homes, apartment buildings and businesses are being bought and renovated, giving new life to the neighbourhood. Thanks to Queen Street West’s influence extending further west, Parkdale’s main commercial street is seeing new businesses moving in. The area’s property values have also been going up. For those looking to buy, Parkdale offers condos, including some newer developments, and Victorian style homes. For more information on the Parkdale area, see the Parkdale Village BIA website here or the Parkdale Residents Association website here.   Toronto Up and Coming Neighborhood Leaside  


Leaside is one of the most desirable Toronto neighbourhoods. With its wonderful green spaces, quiet streets and good schools, it is an ideal neighbourhood to raise children. It also offers great shopping, restaurants and easy access to public transportation. Many Torontonians keep a close eye on new real estate listings, hoping to find a home in this coveted area. Homes in this neighbourhood are typically two-storey detached, semi-detached and bungalows. Built in the 1930s through the 1950s, most are Tudor style with a private driveway, garage and large lots. New development in the Bayview area brought condos, luxury townhouses and some of Toronto’s nicest apartment buildings. For recreation, this neighbourhood is one of Toronto’s finest. It includes The Leaside Memorial Community Gardens, which houses an ice rink, an indoor swimming pool, a curling rink and an auditorium. There are many local parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, outdoor skating rinks and two library branches. Located in the area south-east of Eglinton and Bayview, Leaside was established back in 1819 by the Lea family. In the 1850s, William Lea, the oldest son, built an octagonal home which he named the Leaside, which later became the name of the town. The Canadian Northern Railway bought some land from the Lea family and built the The Leaside Junction in 1894. The town was planned and residential construction was done in the first half of the twentieth century. In 1967, the town of Leaside was amalgamated with East York, and later became part of the Toronto megacity in 1997. For more information, the Leaside Community website can be found here. These three Toronto up and coming neighbourhoods are very different, but each offer something wonderful for potential buyers. The post Three Toronto Up and Coming Neighbourhoods appeared first on StagingWorks.
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