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      How many deals are you finding? Have money ready to be deployed? Here are some options for you to choose from:

      Non Performing and Performing Notes
      1st and 2nd lien funding opportunities
      Group participation investment opportunities
      Equity purchase deals
      Invest your IRA – move your account from the BANK. Start receiving 10%
      annualized returns REGARDLESS OF THE AMOUNT.
      Partner up on smaller sized deals

      Immediate opportunities:
      1. 50% of ARV equity position ($122K) equity position with an immediate
      $30K instant equity profit. Retail ready single family home.
      2. Group funding on court house auctioned property.
      3. Joint Venture – We secure acquisition funding you provide fix up costs
      4. Non recourse loans to your IRA on in house properties. No Credit, No
      Financials, No job…just have funds available in your account.
      5. Investment fund for sub-to deals.
      6. $60K first lien, $20K second lien.
      7. Residential to Commercial deal – equity position available minimum
      participation amount is $25,000.

      There are a lot of opportunities out there you just have to break out the box a bit.

      Get off the sidelines and get involved. Time is of the essence on some deals so you must be able to move fast.

      Regardless of the amount you have to invest we can help in you make the most your investing experience.

      Reach out to me direct with your questions.


      [email protected]

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