The Census Bureau reports there are about 41 million renter households in the United States, making up approximately 35 percent of the country. The amount of renters will continue to grow this decade as the housing demand of Baby Boomers and their children start to converge. The High school and College grads who’ve been living at home during this past recession will finally move out to form their own households. Many Baby Boomers, meanwhile, are expected to downsize into smaller rentals units where they won’t have to tend to their lawns and gardens.

Even though lately it has become cheaper to buy a home rather than to rent, the rental market will still fall short in the next 10 years by millions of units. As the amount of available units continue to dwindle, there is no need to settle for just any tenant that comes knocking. Keeping in mind that the average eviction will cost in the thousands of dollars after factoring in lost rent, missed mortgage payments, attorney fees, court fees and your time for facilitating this process. Your risk could have easily been mitigated if the tenant was properly screened before they were handed the keys.
Yes we get excited when we find a renter willing to fork over the rent, but will they continue to do so? Tenant Screening is a simple and highly cost effective way to avoid the potential financial pitfalls of housing a problem tenant. The resources available today to find the right qualified tenants are right at your fingertips.

Tenant Screening can help determine if your applicant’s past story is in fact true:

  • Did the rental applicants live where they say they have?
  • Are your potential tenants running from the law or criminal past?
  • Do the prospective tenants pay their own bills on time?
  • Is the tenant applying for your property gainfully employed?
  • Did the prospective tenant have problems with their previous landlord(s)?
  • Has this renter been evicted before, knowing how lengthy the eviction process can be?

There is a wide range of products and services that are available to large property management firms, all the way down to the individual landlord that are very cost effective that can return the screening quick.

Benefits of

Products and Services include: Trans Union, Experian and Equifax credit reports.  Multi State Criminal Searches, Eviction Searches and Sex Offender Registry Searches, SSN# Verifications. Online ordering via a website and or management software.  No Setup fees, monthly minimums or annual fees, only pay for what you order.  Free Denial, Conditional and Approval letters to keep you FCRA compliant. 6 days a week live customer service with no auto attendant, because let’s face it, we all work on the weekends at some point.

Advantages of has been doing business since 1992.  As a leader in the Mortgage Credit Reporting and Tenant Screening Industry, we have the resources, experience, technology and talented staff to help our clients protect their investments for the short and long term.  With over 15,000,000 reports ordered, and 50,000+ users located in all 50 States, Canada and Puerto Rico, we have positioned ourselves as one of the largest tenant screening companies in the nation.
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