As 2014 draws to a close, technology experts across the nation try to predict which technology trends will prove most significant for businesses in the New Year. Here are some ideas gleaned from prominent technology industry experts and analysts.
Technology on the Move
Increasing use and reliance on mobile devices will continue to be an important factor. Increasingly, the way we do business will need to adapt to the requirements of mobile users. This has implications for many aspects of business life, including the way we design websites and applications, as well as Internet and data security.
Data Congestion
The Internet was not designed to cope with the various Internet-reliant applications in use today or with the soaring volume of traffic. Not surprisingly, mobile data overload is already a factor for service providers. Increasingly, they will need to find other wireless technologies in order to support the escalating traffic. Estimates also suggest that 90 percent of all Internet traffic will consist of video by next year. If this seems excessive, consider the impact of companies like Netflix, which sell products that rely on networks established by the major telecoms like Verizon and AT&T. Researchers estimate that in 2015 about one-third of peak downstream traffic will involve companies that piggyback their products and services on Internet network providers. All this means that networks will need to be redesigned to handle a high volume of traffic. Perhaps new architecture is required to cope with the new applications and for future needs.
Security and Data Protection
Effective security is central to the success of digital business. Recognizing that no system can be 100 percent effective against hackers, analysts suggest that companies apply risk assessment principles into their planning. Understanding the failings of firewalls and other tools that aim to safeguard the perimeter – most programs are reactive rather than preventative – is expected to lead to the development of applications that come complete with their own detection and protection capabilities.
3D Printing
Some experts predict that 2015 will be the year that 3D printing takes off, with orders for 3D printers doubling in the upcoming year. As manufacturing volume escalates in the next few years, the cost of printers is expected to decrease, spurring the use of 3D printers in a variety of applications in business, industry and medical technology, as well as for consumer use.
Cloud Computing
Some researchers anticipate a melding of cloud and mobile computing with the goal of providing centrally coordinated apps that may be accessed via any type of device. Others look for the next big thing that will address the never-ending need for larger data capacity and faster, more effective capabilities. Whatever the future holds, we can be certain that the demands of businesses will continue to drive rapid change in both applications and infrastructure.
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